I love meeting new people. I love telling new stories. I would love to tell YOUR story...


I love love. I know, I know, super corny huh? I really do though. Everyone's love is different and so unique. I adore getting to show that with each and every couple I work with.
Please click the photos below to check out the work I've done with some amazing couples

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Beyond Couples
As a momma myself, I adore families. Everyone shows and accepts love in different ways and it's fun to get to see different families interact. It's incredible that I get to capture those memories!

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I am naturally a very creative person, have been since I was a child. So I love getting to incorporate creative concepts into my photography. Check it out below!

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Working with Kati was the most incredible experience. Not only was she patient working with someone who had little modeling knowledge, she took the time to explain what she was doing and how it would influence the photograph. I went into this session feeling self conscious and left feeling like a damn goddess. Please book with Kati if you're ready to see yourself with more loving eyes because she'll help you to do just that.
"Kati did both my maternity pics and baby shower pictures and was absolutely fantastic. Extremely professional, helpful and the pictures came out just perfect! The candid and posed pics were both perfect and super natural. She's amazing, especially if you are not super comfortable in front of the camera. She will be doing all my pictures!"
“Kati was such a wonderful photographer to work with. She made me feel comfortable and beautiful. She’s was on time and eager to shoot. She was patient and kind to my horse and took the most stunning photos of us. I’m so grateful and eager to work with her again!"