Behind The Scenes Photographer Meadow Hope Valley
Before you share your story...

Let me tell you mine...

I was born and raised in Reno, NV! As a teenager I vowed to leave Reno (like any "gotta get outta here" teen) but it was in the cards for me to stay in Northern Nevada.

A wedding & elopement photographer by day, a tired momma by night (but what mom ISN'T exhausted?) As both a mom/wife and business owner, I am a busy bee!

My photography journey started in my teen years but it was after my first kiddo (in my early 20s) that I decided I wanted to be apart of something bigger.

I love art of all kinds.

I enjoy working with my hands, to build, to garden....

I absolutely love READING. I am a book worm and adore fantasy.

I have ADHD so I have to be obsessively organized. It keeps me grounded and my life on track, so in a way I love that too!

Locations on my Bucket

Country Edition

Black Forest

/ Germany

I've been in love with the Black Forest for as long as I can remember. It feels moody and magical all at the same time. I would love to photograph literally anywhere there.

Isle of Skye

/ Scotland

From the town of Portree to the Fairy Pools, from castles to amazing landscapes.... How could one NOT add this to their bucket list of locations?


/ Ireland

Incredible architecture, brilliant pops of color, and Wicklow Mountains National Park just south of the city, Dublin is a dream. I can already see the portraits I would take.


/ Iceland

I would LOVE (and by "love" I mean I would be sobbing tears of joy) to shoot anywhere in Iceland. From Diamond Beach to the Skógafoss waterfall to the basalt columns at Black Sand Beach near Vic, this entire country is stunning.